We help you:

  • Meet Integration Initiatives
  • Share Data Across Healthcare Entities
  • Preserve Data From Legacy Systems
  • Make Patient Records More Complete
  • Keep Clinical Data Consistent Across Enterprises

At openAirWare, we like to say, "If you have more than two cans and a string, we can move your data."

We speak health data natively, and have successful methods of identifying, extracting, moving, and integrating healthcare clinical information.

Regardless if your sources are flat files, databases, web services, HL7 feeds, CCDs, CDAs, or FHIR Bundles, we can map and load the discrete elements for later viewing, aggregation or data mining.

We fully parse all of your patient data into a unified record with the ability to generate a single aggregated representative CCD.

openAirWareís experience ensures success for your complex HIT initiatives. Our toolkits and solutions support data sharing in your organization where others cannot.

We bridge the gaps between HIT entities left by other vendors.