Healthcare is over a decade into the 21st century... Your Healthcare IT solutions should be as well.

With our help, Michigan is leading the national standards for HIE and NHIN connectivity and data sharing.

Let us help you succeed at your integration initiatives.

openAirWare helps overcome the prevailing gap in sharing clinical data by providing custom state-of-the-art solutions for Payors, Practices, HIEs, RHIOs, and Enterprises as well as State and Federal Agencies.

We assist organizations in seamlessly connecting and sharing electronic health information using global standards including HL7, CCD/CDA, and FHIR.

Our complement of solutions, software and services expand upon the sound technological foundations that have integrated some of Michigan's top Health Organizations.

Cost effective subscription pricing models for software solutions supports our clients and maximizes their return on investment across the life of the software.

Flexibility of our services allow for a variety of unique integration options to deliver robust solutions that fill a significant gap in healthcare. From back-end to front-end, we offer a range of secure, robust integration solutions that meet your HIT needs.

Contact us today and let us help bring a solution to your healthcare IT needs.