Healthcare is over a decade into the 21st century... Your Healthcare IT solutions should be as well.

With our help, Michigan is leading the national standards for HIE and NHIN connectivity and data sharing.

Let us help you succeed at your integration initiatives.

openAirWare removes interoperability obstacles you have in utilizing your patient data. We make sure you have actionable data that allows you to measure, improve quality of care and reduce costs.

With Meaningful Use, ever-evolving Clinical Quality Measures (CQM), and your own initiatives, you need your clinical data at your fingertips. You need your data accessible at any time. You need your views and reports to be real-time. Sometimes, you just want a sanity check to ensure your organization is on track for meeting its CQMs.

Alchemy ensures organizations have their data at any time, in any format, whenever they need it. Alchemy can receive data from any system, and can deliver it in any format, including proprietary. Arcana delivers organizational querying and reporting on any population measures, at any time.

Both applications function regardless of your other systems. They remove the barriers of incompatible applications, shortcomings in existing systems and frustrations with clinical applications and vendors that donít always do what they say they can. These niche applications were designed specifically to fill any interoperability gaps that may still exist within an organization.

Alchemy and Arcana are well-suited to complex healthcare environments. Health systems, Hospitals, Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) typically integrate and interface data from multiple organizations. Data intermediaries, Alchemy and Arcana, bring the solid ease of interoperability into these complicated settings.

The purposes of Alchemy and Arcana are to ensure you have direct access to, and can manage any clinical information you need to manage. With Alchemy and Arcana, organizations optimize their patient safety, the client experience, reimbursements and ultimately, patient health.