Manage your data, regardless of format:

  • FHIR
  • CCD / C-CDA
  • HL7 ("Classic")
  • Flat Files (CSV, XML, etc.)
  • SQL Databases
MiHIN Shared Services

MiHIN Shared Services

MiHIN Shared Services recognized openAirWare for our National Expertise with CCD, CDA and C-CDA Documents. Our ability to parse the discrete data elements from each of these formats led them to choose us to write them a custom solution for converting their CCD/CDA data into formats that were more usable for their other partners.

"This intuitive middleware provides faster integration of data from CCD or CDA sources and allows MiHIN to pull key data out of large CCD/CDA documents so that only the data needed for a particular use case is shared. This capability increases the value of vital use cases like medication reconciliation. It uses proven standards that simplify seamless sharing of data, allowing us to quickly and easily assess, validate and integrate new source systems." - Jeff Livesay, Associate Director, MiHIN

openAirWare is built on years of data transformation and aggregation expertise, which we have turned into a service toolset for the HealthIT community.

openAirWare's innovative technology captures patient information from standard clinical information exchange formats like HL7, CCD/CDA and FHIR, and readies that data in any way you need. openAirWare removes interoperability obstacles in sharing patient data, giving you actionable data.

Whether you require an in-house solution, or prefer to utilize our services adhoc, openAirWare can help make your health information more actionable and useful. openAirWare bridges gaps, and solves complex issues that other vendors tend to avoid.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Clinical Architecture

Clinical Architecture

Clinical Architecture and openAirWare worked together in a partnership to provide services for hospitals to connect with the Social Security Administration on e-Disability claims. When looking to integrate data from CCD, FHIR and HL7 into their Synmedical platform, they chose openAirWare to build them a piece of custom software that could be plugged into their existing system with minimal effort.

"We are excited, through the work we are doing with openAirWare, to be able to provide a turnkey solution that provides immediate benefit to our customers without adding to the already full plates of their development teams. Being able to ingest patient information from messaging formats already in use in the industry for the interoperable exchange of clinical information about a patient eases the implementation burden for healthcare organizations who want to use the Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite to provide their clinicians with access to unparalleled insights at the point of care." - Charlie Harp, Chief Executive Officer, Clinical Architecture